Life Church Ladies Conference

September 22-24  2022

Vesta Layne Mangun

202 Tanglewood Drive

Alexandria, Louisiana 71303

Widow of the late G. A. Mangun, Bishop of The Pentecostals of Alexandria (67 years of marriage)

One son, Anthony Mangun, Senior Pastor of The Pentecostals of Alexandria

Daughter-in-law, Mickey Mangun

Two Grandchildren, Miquell Mangun Hennigan, wife of Jeffrey Hennigan, and Gentry Mangun

Two Great-Grandchildren, Eva and Gibson Hennigan

In 1950 after seven years of evangelizing Vesta Layne Mangun, her husband and infant son, moved to Alexandria, Louisiana, to pastor. At that time, some 35 members voted on them. Today, under the leadership of their son, Senior Pastor Anthony Mangun, there is a 2500 seat facility with a youth facility and a Family Life Center housing sports/recreation facilities and Sunday School classrooms.

The daughter of an East Texas pioneer minister, Royal D. Gibson, and his wife, Eula, Vesta Mangun is a featured speaker at conferences and camp meetings across our nation and around the world. In addition, she is an anointed vocalist and musician.

She has published two books and two pamphlets:

  “The Best of Vesta Mangun”

“Vesta Mangun Continues”



She has five professionally recorded music projects:

 “A Little Light”

“I’m Thankful”

“Shoutin’ on the Hills”

“The Manguns: Together Always”

“An Altar in My Life”

She was honored in 2015 to be selected as one of the YWCA 2015 Decades of Women representing women of the 80s decade (of age).